Capacity-Tooling Design & Development

Tooling Design & Development

“Quality parts come from quality tooling.” The quality of the end-product starts with the mold’s design and development. Our die-casting molds are supplied by professional mold manufacturers with hi-tech software and the latest CNC equipment. We oversee the material selection and mold design for the tool to ensure the longest tooling life. Customers may provide a sample part, drawing, or 3D model and we do everything from mold design to producing the highest quality end product.

Capacity-Die Casting

Die Casting

We have six hot chamber die casting machines ranging in size from 80tons to 300tons. Our broad equipment range coupled with our thirty years experience in the industry ensures the customer has the highest quality die casting products.

Capacity-Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Tair Wang provides many kinds of surface finishes including: Quality chrome plating, Satin chrome, Black chrome, Gold plating, Satin brush, Powder coating, Painting, as well as others. Please ask us about your surface finish or coating requirements.

Capacity-Q.C. & Inspection

Q.C. & Inspection

“Consistent and High Quality” is the quality control principle of Tair Wang. We have acquired various precision instruments for inspection. “All employees are inspectors” is also a belief of Tair Wang. We check each procedure strictly to match and satisfy our customer’s requests. For this reason, Tair Wang has many repeat customers.

Capacity-Assembly & Packaging

Assembly & Packaging

“Everyone is an inspector”. We apply the same standards of quality control in the packing section as we do throughout the entire factory. Packing methods differ for each individual product in order to protect them from the damage caused by impact, crush or other unpredictable causes. 



We have a strong team to supply our customer all kinds of stampng parts, such as the bracket, door sill plate, license frame, molding parts......etc.



Besides our high quality die casting technology and products, we also provide high precision CNC machining services to meet our customers demand.

Capacity-Plastic injection

Plastic injection

Using various plastic materials , like P.P P.e,Nylon6/6, PVC, Acrylic......etc. we can meet all customer's need in plastic injection.